God Talk


There’s going to be a lot of God talk here, people. That’s because I’m telling my story, and my narrative is primarily a God story: a straight-up, bare-feet-in-holy-soil Grace story on the rocks.

While we’re on the topic of what my story involves, I should probably clarify what my blog is not:

  • A sermon. Full disclosure: I’m a Christian. Lutheran (Missouri Synod) to be precise. If you’d like to know what the latter entails, let’s talk. But I’m going to leave the preaching to the preachers. I’m underqualified and uninterested. All I care to do here is share my story.
  • Exclusive. See above. I’d love to share why God matters to me, and this blog is an open invitation to God discussions of all kinds, but you needn’t be a Christian to follow my journey. I hope that my story will resonate with a wide range of readers. I hope it never alienates or excludes. My aims: inclusivity and respect.
  • A rant. General details about my divorce and custody battle will play out because these pieces are necessary points of reference for my story. But they’re not the point, friends. Grace–the good that God does in the worst of the worst–is my point. I won’t use this blog as a forum to demonize my spouse, referred to here only as “Shadow.” He’s still my son’s father. I’m also finding that grace stories can be funny stories. Expect a humorous touch from time to time.
  • An example of scholarly writing. Heavens, no. Grammarians, I know you’re out there with your red pens. Prepare for a blood bath because I don’t have the time or inclination to edit carefully. My blogs will be raw–both figuratively and literally. If you’d care to behold my shiny, scholarly writings, I’ll dust them off. I promise they exist. Somewhere.
  • Comfortable. See above. My blogs will contain lovely, joyful portraits of a mother and her child, but my greater story is innately uncomfortable. The subject of domestic violence–a thread throughout my blog–should be uncomfortable. “Break Me” blogs, in particular, are to be avoided if you’re a close family member. These could sting a bit because you love me.

If at any point, my writing resembles one or more of The Unholy Five, I’ve broken my contract with you, dear readers, and you’re welcome to hurl virtual tomatoes my way.

Love and light,


Author: Harper Green

Mom, sister, professor, writer, blogger, child and disability advocate. Prodigal daughter. Friend.

3 thoughts on “God Talk”

  1. WELL DONE! Your friends and prayer supporters need to hear about your situation, for it reflects problem areas in other situations for which we pray so ignorantly. It will foster more prayer for YOU in this period of remission and a hopeful future.

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