Blog Overview

photo credit: Harper Green

Holy trinity. Three strikes and you’re out. Third time is a charm. I’m a fan of threes.

Harper Healing consists of three parts: “Letters to Eli,” “Break Me,” and “Still We Stand.” I considered writing three separate blogs, but I crave simplicity, and the prospect was frankly overwhelming.

Instead, I organized this blog the way I think: in terms of connections. My three blog categories relate insofar as they depend upon an underbelly of Grace. Collectively, these topics also signify a new life purpose.

My world cracked open, and I learned to love sacrificially, when God loaned me Eli. In my “Letters to Eli,” I give thanks for the gift of my child, and I write for an older, future Eli who will, as all of us do eventually, join the company of the brokenhearted.

But to be broken does not mean to be stuck. Broken is a path that leads up and out. Because of what God is doing in Eli’s life and in mine, I live a life of intentional brokenness. “Break Me” posts describe how I came to such a curious spiritual crossroad, and they document lessons learned. These blogs reveal to you what God is revealing to me–namely that the broken path is the only path.

“Still We Stand” is for you; this blog topic reveals my hope for a community of survivors. I pray that you’re moved and strengthened by my little story. I encourage you to become a guest blogger; share your own redemption story under this blog topic.

In Harper Healing, I write about all three topics, with more or less frequency depending upon my fickle friend, inspiration, and I categorize posts by topic.

Legal Disclaimer: The author of this blog is a creative nonfiction writer. For dramatic and narrative purposes, the blog contains representative scenes, dialogue, and time compression. The content, views, and opinions expressed in the blog are those of the author or guest bloggers and are not intended to defame or malign any individual, religion, ethnic group, club, organization, or company.