Still We Stand

photo credit: Emily Taylor Tirado

Still We Stand

Guest blogs that highlight other survival stories, points of view, and strategies for overcoming.

What do we do when the sky actually falls, and still we stand? After we absorb the shock of pink sunrises and golden sunsets and a stubborn world that keeps spinning, how do we go about the business of reconciling whole, joy-filled lives?

I keep moving forward, my eyes fixed upon a wooden cross and a Love that is beautiful because it is broken. I try to, anyway. This work is hard. At times, it feels impossible.

But still I stand. By Grace I stand.

This blog topic showcases work that I’m already doing in my community: both inside and outside of my online community. For example, I work with trauma survivors. I show them how to use writing, and journaling, in particular, to heal.

“Still We Stand” is hope for the hopeless, love for the unloved, and beauty from the ashes. If you have a story to tell, and everyone has a story to tell, consider standing with me. Write your story here. Use your name or a pseudonym. But share. Heal.

Harper isn’t the only one healing. We are all the walking wounded. All of us have value and an eternal worth that surpasses any worth a broken world can offer.